The choice of equipment for plastic injection (Part 1)

The choice of equipment for plastic injection (Part 1)

Principles for selecting injection molding machines (Part 1)

The choice of plastic injection molding equipment is an important task with many technological standards and production nuances.

Injection molding machines are universal machines for producing plastic products. For the best quality indicators, it is necessary to take into account the modifications, types, sizes and technical characteristics of the equipment.

It is necessary to determine and carefully study the future product that will be produced on the injection molding machine. Select such characteristics of the product as material, production technology, dimensions, wall thickness, design features. Determine the planned release and quality requirements for the product. All this is also necessary to determine the future press form.

Next, you can proceed directly to the choice of the injection molding machine itself. For each manufactured product, suitable equipment is selected, the characteristics of which guarantee quality and provide the best technical and economic indicators.

The main parameters that affect the design and technical characteristics of injection molding machines are:

  1. injection volume per cycle;
  2. injection time;
  3. clamping force;
  4. plasticizing performance.

In addition to the main parameters, a number of other production features related to casting technology are taken into account. Therefore, for the production of a wide range of injection molded products, an extensive line of equipment of various designs and purposes is presented.

Injection molding machines are classified into several groups according to the type of tasks to be closed.

Classification of injection molding machines

Injection molding machines are divided into universal, special, laboratory and micro-molding.

Universal machines serve to production of a wide range of products. The design characteristics of this equipment provide for a quick change of injection molding plates, which saves a lot of time in mass production.

The main components of the machine are the plasticization and injection unit, the mold closing unit and drive components, and the electrical control system.

Techmashimpex - horizontal injection molding machine
Techmashimpex - mini injection molding machine

Special machines are designed for the production of a narrow type of product or non-standard casting technology. Non-standard technologies may include the injection of another polymer material, gas injection into the mixture, pouring metal inserts or filling them with material. Often this equipment is part of a production line.

On laboratory machines, tests are carried out at selection of materials for future products. Properly selected polymer material and knowledge of its physical and chemical properties effectively contributes to the optimization of production.

Compared to production machines, laboratory machines are smaller and equipped with sensors that monitor all casting processes.

Micro-injection machines are becoming an increasingly common technology.

This production is widely used in medicine, pharmacology, laboratory diagnostics. In the production of miniature products, special requirements apply to the maximum the accuracy of the set parameters and the accuracy of the injection volume of the material

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