Techmashimpex will increase competitiveness

Techmashimpex will increase competitiveness

The Techmashimpex enterprise has become a new participant in the national project "Labor Productivity". In the Kaluga region, the operator of the national project is the Regional Competence Center (RCC), which operates on the basis of the Business Development Agency.

Techmashimpex JSC has been producing products by plastic injection molding since 2012. The production is located in the industrial park "Vorsino", on the border of the Kaluga and Moscow regions. The plant is equipped with high-tech equipment. It allows you to produce both small products weighing from 1 gram, and components for household appliances and cars weighing up to 40 kilograms. The production capacities of the company make it possible to process up to 300 tons of raw materials per month.

- From participation in the national project, we expect to reduce labor costs, optimize production processes, and improve working conditions for employees. We want to become more competitive in the market and create new conditions for the development of the company as a whole, - said Sergey Khomyakov, Chief Engineer of Techmashimpex JSC.

For reference: The Labor Productivity National Project is supervised by Andrey Belousov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. To achieve the goal of an annual increase in labor productivity in the country, a set of business support measures has been developed, which includes financial incentives, employment support and expert assistance in optimizing production processes.

The Kaluga region joined the national project in 2018. Today, 84 enterprises of the region take part in it.

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