Start of production of polyethylene films

Start of production of polyethylene films

As part of the company's policy to expand the range of products, JSC Techmashimpeks purchased equipment for the production of three-layer polyethylene films and bags from them. In December 2022, the following equipment was purchased, installed and put into operation:

  1. ABC 1300 3-layer blown co-extruder. Model: XHH-IBC 55/65/55 1300 ABC;
  2. Automatic plastic bag making machine. Model: XH-LP800.

This equipment makes it possible to process high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) and obtain a high-quality three-layer film of various sizes and colors. A high degree of automation of the equipment guarantees a stable high quality of the products.

Thanks to the co-extrusion technology, it became possible to economically produce films with various combinations of properties, multi-color films (the color of the film from different sides may be different). This technology is considered waste-free. involves the use of technological waste to form the middle layer of the film.

Nomenclature of film products:

  1. Building films;
  2. agricultural films;
  3. shrink films;
  4. milk films;
  5. films for packaging bulk products;
  6. films for postal (courier) packages;
  7. films for Rater packages.

Film formats:

  1. sleeve. Width from 900 to 1400 mm;
  2. Half sleeve. Custom Width;
  3. Canvas. Width to order.

Film color - to order. Various combinations of colors of internal and external surfaces of films are possible.

Film thickness - from 40 microns to 140 microns. The thickness is selected for each product individually.

Nomenclature of packaged products:

  1. Courier packages from 100mm to 800mm wide;
  2. Courier bags with a pocket for documents with a width of 100mm to 800mm;
  3. Courier bags with a cut handle from 100mm to 800mm wide;
  4. Ritter bags with cut handle;
  5. Rayter bags with punched reinforced handle;
  6. Rater-type bags with collar-type reinforcement.

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