The key business area of TEHMASHIMPEX JSC is mass production of plastic products by injection molding. This method allows production of items with complex geometry and is characterized by high production capacity and low cost of products in case of manufacture of large batches.

Our Company has the necessary experience, equipment and qualified specialists to provide the range of services, including pressing of products, assembly, painting, storage and delivery to the buyer.

We are ready for any options for cooperation: work with customer molds, design and manufacture of molds "from scratch", rental of injection molding machines.

Primary production

Assembly area

Painting workshop

Quality control

Mold maintenance

Warehouse complex

Seventeen injection molding machines are installed at the production site (made by Hyundai and LS Mtron) with the clamping force from 180 to 2300 tons enabling the manufacture of products weighing from 1 gram to 40 kg with the wall thickness of 0.1 to 20 millimetres.

Each injection molding machine is equipped with the cutting edge peripheral equipment and robotic arm that is used to remove the items from moulds.

The operation of injection molding machines is continuously controlled in automatic mode and directly by operators.

All the manufactured products are marked and registered in the automated production management system (linked to a batch of the raw materials used) enabling the full control over the production chain.

Many parts produced bu injection molding are elements of a larger assemblies. Despite the fact that when designing the items we try to reduce the number of assembly operations, it is impossible to rule them out at all. A final product may include two or three basic parts and several dozens of parts (e.g. remote controls for TV sets).

The connection methods used depend on the polymer, elastic properties of the material, requirements to the product quality and appearance.

The plastic parts are assembled on the automated conveyor, considering all customer’s requirements to the final product. After assembly, all items are subject to mandatory quality control procedure.

The coloured plastic products may be produced in two ways: by using the painted raw materials or by painting the finished product. The first option is cheaper, but does not always allow to get the necessary colour, so in most cases the second option is used.

The difficulty with painting plastic products is the correct selection of paint depending on the type of raw materials used. Some materials originally have low adhesion, so it is often necessary to select individual coatings and paint cycles (e.g. polypropylene products are the most difficult to paint).

Our employees are experienced in working with plastics and try to select the best solutions for any product.

The product quality is the main requirement of the customer, therefore TEHMASHIMPEX pays special attention to the quality control procedure. The quality control at our enterprise convers all production stages from the analysis of raw materials to checking the conformity of the finished products to requirements and tolerances as well as to the storage conditions.

Depending on the type of manufactured items, we check various parameters: conformity of the product geometrical dimensions and weight, compliance of raw materials, quality of the coating, presence of the gate traces.

All the manufactured products are linked to the batch of raw materials, used for their manufacture, so we can identify the low-quality items at later stages of the lifecycle.

The moulds are the basic production tooling for casting, and regular inspection and scheduled maintenance of moulds are the cornerstones of long and faultless operation.

Our company has developed and strictly observes the stringent regulations for preventive maintenance and scheduled repair of moulds. The maintenance area is equipped with the advanced equipment (laser welding and building-up units, mould rotating units etc.), and the maintenance personnel is properly qualified including for repair of complex hot runner moulds.

Therefore, when transferring the moulds to us, our customers may be sure of careful handling and high-quality maintenance.

Improper storage of plastic items may result in significant deterioration of the product condition (e. g. incorrect temperature range causes the accelerated plastic ageing). For that reasons, in the storage areas we maintain the optimal conditions for storage - the temperature range is from 10 to 20⁰C, humidity - up to 65%, the products are protected from direct sunlight. All premises are equipped with fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system.

Total area of the warehouses of TEHMASHIMPEX is 7,800 sq.m. The enterprise has implemented the bar code and addressed storage systems, with which we may ship the products within the shortest possible period.

Fleet of injection molding machines

Vendor Hyundai 180 LS Mtron 250 LS Mtron 350 LS Mtron 450 LS Mtron 550 LS Mtron 700 Hyndai 550 Hyndai 650 LS Mtron 1300 LS Mtron 1800 LS Mtron 2300
Quantity TPA pc 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 2
Clamping force t 180 250 350 450 550 700 550 650 1300 1800 2300
Screw diameter mm 40 50(55) 60(55) 70 75 90 83 92 115 125 140
Shot volume sm3 358 736 933 1480 1820 3149 2140 3257 6570 8437 11853
Injection pressure kg/sm2 2555 1860 1840 1820 1850 1896 1859 1771 1769 1751 1820
Injection rate sm3/sec 136 249 302 415 615 700 471 448 1138 1348 1560
Mold thickness (min) mm 180 240 300 350 400 400 400 450 700 800 1000
Mold thickness (max) mm 520 1100-MO* 1250-MO* 800 950 1000 950 1050 1200 1500 2000
Plate dimensions mm 720x720 880x880 1000x1000 1200x1200 1350x1350 1440x1440 1300x1300 1460x1460 1950x1950 2150x2150 2720x2440