Contract manufacturing of plastic products

Tehmasimpex - contract manufacturing

JSC “Tehmashimpex” invites business representatives, including retailers and car manufacturers for cooperation.

Thanks to many years of experience in the production of plastic products and the use of the most modern technologies, JSC “Tehmashimpex” offers a wide range of services in the plastic products manufacturing market.

We always consider opinion of partners and are ready to work on new projects to expand business opportunities. Our company offers services for the development and production of new items or localization of existing household goods, plastic components, goods for home and garden, children's products, plastic cases.

Our advantages on plastic parts manufacture market:
Technical capabilities

Production capacity is based on 17 Injection Molding Machines.

Parts size

Size of parts we can produce from 5mm to 2000mm.

Factory location

Factory located on the border of Moscow and Kaluga regions. We have enough possibilities to reduce logistic process and speed up business process.


JSC “Tehmashimpex” has been in the market for the production of plastic products for 10 years and received status of reliable partner.

Work experience

The company employees are the best specialists in the field of plastic injection molding.


ISO 9001 Certificate received.

Advantage of partnership

The best partnership. We are offering the most profitable partnership.

JSC “Tehmashimpex” is always open to new ideas and projects
related with new manufacture on the factory.