Mold production

Tehmasimpex - mold production

Injection molds are high-tech devices that operate under conditions of high pressure, constant temperature drop and chemical exposure, which imposes increased requirements on all their structural elements.

Recently, the production of moulds was a long-lasting and expensive process. Today, the modular approach is widely used for production of moulds. The structure includes standard elements made according to catalogues, which allows the focusing on the processing of shape elements, reduction of cost and terms of mould production.

TEHMASHIMPEX cooperates with the leading European manufacturers of moulds, which guarantees our customers the best quality of manufacture and long service life of an item.

Production stages

The first production stage is the mould design. At this stage, the geometrical parameters of a product are studied, 3D modelling and visualization are carried out. When designing a mould, CAD/CAM systems are widely used, including the Mold-Works design system intended for automated configuration of moulds.

The second stage includes design engineering, ordering of the necessary components, production of shape elements and product assembly. At this stage, special attention is paid to assembly of the gate system and cooling system. After that, the moulds are processed by CNC milling machines and EDM machines, hardened and chrome plated.

At the third stage, the moulds undergo the finish machining to be able to produce items of the required quality and within the established production cycle time.